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*  April      : Hi On Line webradio started broadcasting
*  April      : First analog tape broadcasting by Revox
*  Aus       :This staion checked Buma and Stemra
*  Broadcasting only in the weekend the whole year

BMW and MINI has integrated the TuneIn web radio service into its BMW and MINI Connected function making it the first cars to enable drivers to tune to Internet radio via the car's audio and infotainment system.
TheBMW and MINI Connected option makes BMW and MINI the first car manufacturer in the world to offer this function in a regular production car.

2012                    80 countries connected ]

*  January      : New studio  - Equipment
*  September : Hi On Line broadcasting 24/7
*  September : Connected V-tuner and TuneIN
*  December  : Connected Bang & Olufsen
*  December  : Connected internet car hifi
                        B.M.W. and MINI [first in the world]
* September :Started a classic channel. 24/7 broadcasting.
                          Hi On Line Classic. Music for the hifi lover
                          Upgrade to 320 kbps
* October: Streaming 320 kbps to TuneIn and Vtuner
                  R.D.S. streaming banners world wide

* November : 120 countries connected

Introduced App in Costa Rica
Radio Sistema Culural Nicoyano

Hi On Line Lounge Radio is started
for music and Skype stream
* June    : 100 Countries connected
             : Apps available for iPhone
               iPad ,Android smartphone
               and tablets in cooperation

* January      : Radio station connected to internet
                       Costa Rica direct connected to Hi On Line
                       For special page click here

* February     : Website in Windows 8 design special for
                          smartphones and tablets
Hi On Line Radio in Tesla Cars  fully electric " Click on picture for demo."
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